*NEW* GUESS THAT FORTNITE DANCE CHALLENGE Custom Gamemode in Fortnite Battle Royale! *SEASON 6*

12 Oct 2018 20:48 343
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Additional voices by:
• Ariel Hack - https://twitter.com/arielhck

On the Island’s edge, new season 6 skin DJ Yonder is back with a hilarious new Fortnite custom game for his friends to play! Joining him this time are the OG skin Skull Trooper, his girlfriend new season 6 skin Skull Ranger, and Beef Boss! It’s time to Guess That Fortnite Dance!

In this funny Fortnite Custom Minigame, the three players (Skull Trooper, Skull Ranger and Beef Boss) are presented different Fortnite dances by DJ Yonder, who is the Gamemaster, who is in charge of rewarding or punishing them based on if they’re right. A correct guess means the player advances a space, or build, an incorrect answer means they’re domed - er, doomed. First one to the end, wins! It’s time to drop the bass!

We hope you enjoyed this new Fortnite Custom Minigame! Please let us know which skins you’d like featured in upcoming games as well as what games we should try out in the comments below!

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