Now Playimg: ROBLOX, maybe not sure

30 Nov 2016 01:43:12 1
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Maybe I should be able to cope today

I try and stream at 19:00 GMT but sometimes I am just hyped for MWR and I may stream later

Twitter: You may use !twitter in chat to see it, but here you go anyway its @mrjed385tweet

ROBLOX: Its jed494, but use !roblox in chat just to make sure

Commands to use in chat

!hugzme NightBot will hugz you
!twitter NightBot will tell you my twitter
!psn Shows my trophies on PSN
!roblox Tells you my ROBLOX name so you can join in my games.
!robloxgroup Allows you to join my roblox group.
!notificationsquad For the people in that squad
!cs Shows you what device I am using currently
!discord Allows you to join my discord
!late Well use it when I am late for the stream
!schedule Shows you when Jed is going to stream next

Moderator Commands: For my moderators
!hugzmod Will notify everyone that Nightbot is hugzing a moderator

Owner Commands: For me only!
!hugz Will allow me to accept your hug
!nohugz Will not allow me to accept your hug because I may be busy!

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