Trump names two women to Cabinet posts

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Speaking of the incoming U.S. administration, President-elect Donald Trump has picked two prominent women for senior Cabinet positions: U.S. ambassador to the UN... and education secretary.
Lee Unshin sheds light on team Trump's attempts to diversify their inner circle.
President-elect Donald Trump has announced some surprising picks for key Cabinet posts.
Nikki Haley is the first woman to be appointed by Trump and was named to be the United States' new ambassador to the United Nations.
The South Carolina governor is the daughter of Indian immigrants and has also been one of Trump's toughest GOP critics.
During the campaign, she supported Trump rival Marco Rubio, called Trump a "bully" and criticized his campaign pledge to ban Muslim immigrants as "un-American."
After she was named for the Cabinet position, she said she was "moved" by the assignment.
Trump says she is a "proven dealmaker" and would be a great leader representing the U.S. on the world stage.

Soon after making that appointment, Trump named his second female cabinet member -- Betsy DeVos -- as education secretary.
The Michigan philanthropist is a top Republican donor and the chair of the education organization American Federation of Children.
She's also a longtime supporter of charter schools and school vouchers.
Like Haley, DeVos was also critical of Trump during the campaign, branding the real estate mogul as an "interloper."
She said she is honored to accept the appointment.
Both nominees need to be confirmed by the Republican-controlled Senate before either can officially take office.

In the meantime, some Hillary Clinton supporters are calling for a recount as her lead in the popular vote nears 2 million.
Supporters are urging her to challenge the results in three key swing states -- Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania -- where she is just about 30-thousand votes and counting... behind Donald Trump.
They're citing a report by a computer scientist that calls for a manual review of paper ballots in those states to ensure the election was not hacked.
The Clinton campaign, however, seems to feel that this would be unlikely to change the election result... and is not expected to pursue the issue.
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