Ghost Box Recordings: Messages from Robin Williams? You decide.

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Love to all!!

I have been a huge Robin Williams fan my whole life. I grew up with Robin's TV shows (Mork and Mindy) and all of his movies. I love The World According to Garp and What Dreams May Come the most but I really enjoyed all of his work.

The day he passed I was doing a spirit box session and heard his voice come through after I asked for him. For the following week I was able to connect with, what I feel, is the spirit of Robin.

Many of you watching will think I am nuts, lying, faking or just crazy but I have been doing spirit communication nearly full time for many years and I do more than sit and record with a spirit box. I have the ability to feel, sense, hear and on rare occasions "SEE" them.

Others in my house have also heard and felt them.

I have been able to connect with loved ones of others during group sessions with crystal clear messages. Even from my own Father (see my trailer video).

This video is a compilation of messages that I feel COULD be Robin the week after his death. The last message I was able to record was a message talking about the light and that he was with his Dad. All sessions after this one had nothing else coming through, so I am assuming he has crossed over, just as he should have.

RIP Robin Williams. Always a fan. Thank you for everything you did and bringing laughter and joy to so many, even if you yourself were not feeling the joy yourself. You will always be remembered.

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