Hustle Culture, Workaholism, and Toxic Productivity

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Internet Analysis: American work habits! Let's discuss hustle culture, workaholism, and toxic productivity. Shout out to today's sponsor! Go to or text ‘tiffanyferg’ to 500 500 to get started today. :-)
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0:00 - intro, The American Dream
2:33 - Hustle Culture, motivational entrepreneur content
5:33 - glamorizing workaholism
6:31 - LinkedIn corporate hustle content (ft. Casey Aonso)
7:22 - American work culture is intense, we're often extremely busy and overworked
8:10 - even at home, we continue working. emailing, doing side gigs, etc. we feel guilty when we're not being productive.
9:05 - shout out to Audible!!
10:18 - work/life balance, or lack thereof. We live to work, instead of working to live.
13:38 - comparing US work habits and hours to other countries
14:57 - the US works a lot more hours than some other countries, but Japan and Mexico are two examples that work even more than we do
15:53 - despite long work hours, we aren't super productive, and we don't take many real breaks throughout the day
16:40 - paid vacation? the US has no guarantee. paid parental leave guaranteed? NOPE!
17:45 - not having guaranteed paid parental leave is detrimental
19:09 - other countries' paid parental leave policies, how does the US compare?
19:50 - why are the Nordic countries said to have the best qualities of life? shorter, more relaxed work days + generous benefits
22:21 - it's been proven that more time off and less work hours help to make people more productive. is a 6 hour workday ideal?
THANKS FOR WATCHING, ily!!! take a break plz.

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