Sumatran Tiger Cubs Neonatal Exam

08 Dec 2017 01:31 15
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Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens is celebrating the healthy birth of two critically endangered Sumatran tiger cubs. The cubs’ mother, 6-year-old Dorcas, gave birth at 11:40 a.m. on November 20th. The tigers’ keepers were able to keep an eye on the process using a closed-circuit camera system.
Both cubs are male, and represent the second litter for Dorcas and father, Berani.
The cubs received their first medical exam on November 28. Zoo Animal Health staff were able to quickly and efficiently examine the cubs because of the exceptional bonding and training the keeper staff has conducted with the mother. Dorcas was willing and trusting to be separated from the cubs at the request of the keepers.
Dr. Yousuf Jafarey gave the cubs’ brief physical examinations and determined they look healthy, are nursing well, and have no congenital health problems. Both cubs weighed in right at 4.5 pounds. Within minutes the cubs were back with their mother in the nesting box, behind-the-scenes in the tiger viewing building.

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