Falcon Crest Stars Then and Now

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Falcon Crest Stars Then and Now.
CBS' prime time soap Falcon Crest started in 1981... That's 35 years from now. Look how the stars have changed since then.
We listed all cast members who were credited in the maintitle:
Jane Wyman, Robert Foxworth, David Selby, Lorenzo Lamas, Ana-Alicia, William R. Moses, Jamie Rose, Abby Dalton, Margaret Ladd, Mel Ferrer, Laura Johnson, Paul Freeman, Sarah Douglas, Ken Olin, Brett Cullen, John Callahan, Dana Sparks, Cesar Romero, Chao-Li Chi, David Beecroft, Kristian Alfonso, Rod Taylor, Wendy Phillips, Andrea Thompson, Simon MacCorkindale, Gregory Harrison, Susan Sullivan

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