Post Pregnancy Warm-Up Metabolism Booster: Healthy, Fit, Happy Mom

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Post Pregnancy Warm-Up Metabolism Booster from Healthy, Fit, Happy Mom is a 5 minute post-baby warm-up routine that is designed to activate the core, increase flexibility and release tension to warm the muscles of the body and prepare you for your workout! Let go of the stresses of the day and prevent injury as you stretch the thighs, quads, hamstrings, abs, shoulders, back, chest, hips and glutes with Personal trainer, Devon Butler and Doctor of Psychology, Author and Health & Wellness Expert, Dr. Zelana Montminy. Modifications are offered to suit different levels of flexibility. Kick start your fat-burning potential and maximize workout results with this effective Yoga-influenced warm-up segment from the Healthy, Fit, Happy Mom Fitness DVD Series. Get ready for your workout with effective moves like Dynamic hamstring stretches, crescent pose, low lunges, twisting lunges, cat cow stretch and more. Take this series with you anywhere to boost energy and increase circulation. You will need a Yoga mat, a towel and a bottle of water to complete this routine. Be sure to obtain your doctor’s permission before beginning. You can get the full Healthy, Fit, Happy Mom DVD Series here:


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