Trying the FISH PEDICURE in Mexico?!

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Hardest Try Not to Laugh challenge EVER. We finally tried the professional version of the Fish Pedicure AKA the beauty treatment that literally lets fish eat dead skin off your feet… Yes, it’s weird. Yes, it tickles. And yes…it does work!!

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WTF is a FISH PEDICURE? This foreign beauty treatment uses Garra Rufa AKA “Doctor Fish” that nibble on your feet to eat off all the dead skin.

You might know this weird pedicure from “Victorious” or the (not so successful) at-home, DIY version we tried on Beauty Break…but this time, we’re leaving it to the PROFESSIONALS!! And this time, Jill gets in on it too (no escaping this time!!)

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Pt 1 of our Fish Pedicure adventure ►►

Special thanks to The Zaring Group & Grand Fiesta Americana for this incredible experience! Learn more ►►
Grand Fiesta ► @GrandFALosCabos
Zaring Group ► @ZaringGroup

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