How To Escape High Mount: Everything You Need To Know—Core JKD

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An attacker is sitting on your chest in a high mount, your elbows are up and their legs are preventing you from bringing them down so you can try to escape.

And then they rain down punches on your head. What do you do?

Ming details exactly what you need to do in this 20-minute Masters Class.

These techniques are for the complete novice as well as the seasoned professional.

He shows you the simple exercises that are vital for you to be able to pull off the escape, as well as variations of the escape depending on the skill of your attacker.

At 99¢ what have you got to lose?

Why am I pricing it at this level? I'm simply trying out a new marketing idea—Highest quality techniques detailing one element of training against a specific threat.

If I have a lot of purchases at this level, I'll do more. If not, I'll continue with my regular, longer videos at a higher price point.

Either way, you get they best of my nearly 40 years of hard training and education—not to mention my nearly 25 years of teaching this stuff to military professionals, law enforcement, and civilians from all walks of life and skill level.


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