Riverside Adolescent Unit

25 Mar 2016 04:30 58
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This video features one family’s journey through treatment for anorexia, the commonest Eating Disorder, with input from professionals in Community CAMHS and Riverside. Those suffering from other eating disorders would receive much the same treatment. You hear a family's experiences, but on screen they are played by actors for confidentiality reasons.

If you are a young person, or the carer of a young person, and are concerned about Eating Disorders then please do contact your GP.
For more information visit www.nbt.nhs.uk/cchp

"I’m an inpatient here and I stay here overnight. Before I came I thought I was going to share with someone but everyone has their own space. Your bedroom is a kind of average size, there is lots of space to put things, and you have a little en suite bathroom, and I think it’s just got everything you need. Sometimes the staff come in and make sure we’re up and everything and then we go down to get our breakfast at 8 o clock.

So in the dining room we all eat together. It’s a place where you can socialise whilst you’re eating. I think it’s quite important cos it’s got like the timetable for the day, and like motivation on the walls and I think that’s quite important for people.

In the morning after breakfast not every day’s the same."

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