How The Moon Creates Rainbows

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Everyone loves a good rainbow, but did you know we can see them at night, too? What are moonbows and how do they work?

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Rainbows: How They Form & How To See Them

"Sailors have long known that rainbows can be used to predict the weather. Generally speaking, showers and thunderstorms move from west to east, thus verifying the old adage: 'Rainbow in morning, sailor's warning; Rainbow at night, sailor's delight.'"

Iceland: Rare 'moonbow' appears in night sky

"It was caught on camera near the small town of Stykkisholmur on Sunday evening by keen photographer Vidir Bjornsson. 'I was driving in heavy rain and so much wind and I just stopped the car because I could not believe what I was seeing,' Mr Bjornsson tells the BBC."

Moonbows Over Yosemite Waterfalls Offer Dazzling Full Moon Sight

"According to a video released by park officials this month, the time around full moons are the best time to spot nighttime moonbows, also known as lunar rainbows, over some of Yosemite's most famous waterfalls."


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Written by: Sophie Bakoledis

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