Paramotor Training World Record!! Powered Paragliding SUPER Training Makes Tandem In 4 Days!!

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paramotor training world record!! Powered paragliding SUPER training is by far the very best paramotoring training in the world by such a huge margin that the brand new students are exceeding the skill levels of almost all other instructors. No other paramotor student in history has been able to kite up a vertical wall, ridge soar reverse, reverse kite no hands and master skills to such perfection that he makes tandem level in just 4 total days of training. Every person progresses at a different rate and one of the incredible things about SUPER training is that even though you are in a group each person moves at their own rate so no one of slowed down by any other student. Plus training directly with the WPPGA Paramotor World Champion you skills can progress a world record levels as you have the best instructor in the world who can keep feeding you the skills as fast as you can absorb them. Normally it's a 10 day trip to compete SUPER training but SUPER Ray sets an all time new world record making beyond expert level skills in just 4 days. You can see clearly he started from zero and through true and real training he progressed very quickly to an absolutely incredible level. Truly mastering control of a paraglider is much more difficult then people expect and almost no instructors out there can even do what this new student can do in this video. So it's absolutely critical to get with the very best instructor in the world as there are so may details that are all absolutely critical and you can't afford to miss any of them because each and ever one of them makes a huge gigantic difference. Plus these things absolutely are not intuitive so if you are trained wrong and backwards by so many of the very poor instructors out there you simply never progress properly. People quickly build habits to do whey are taught so if they are taught wrong people just keep doing those same wrong things over and over year after year. It's not practice that makes perfect but perfect practice that makes perfect. You have to have an instructor that first really does have the very best skills themselves and then takes the time and cares enough to truly work to help each and every student really master all the skills properly. You can see it takes some effort even with the best training in the world which is why with terrible instruction about 98% of people just end up quitting the sport. Or they trash so much gear they just run out of money and it's just not fun. At SUPER training though if you damage any of the best gear in the world WE pay for it not you. The Flat Top paramotor is about 100 times stronger and more durable then other units so it's extremely rare to damage anything in falls. Running around with weight on your back and the motor pushing you one way and the wing pulling you another way it's very easy to fall down and if you don't have the super strong Flat Top paramotor just a little bump to the cage of other units and the cage & netting can flex back into the prop destroying the entire unit. SUPER training is the only school in the world where we are so confident in our gear and training that WE pay for any damages. So you know that also gives us every incentive to make sure you are trained properly. It's very sad the terrible experiences so many out there go through. People think they went through training but then they see videos like ours and they quickly see they missed zillions of things they were simply never taught and they just don't have anywhere even close to the skill level our students attain. Just one of these details of glider control can safe you a fortune in what it saves you from destroying gear. Plus the incredible safety and durability of the Flat Top paramotor more then pays for itself as those who don't get Flat Top paramotors almost always end up spending more repairing their gear then it would have cost to just buy a brand new Flat Top paramotor. Do it right the first time and get SUPER training along with a Flat Top paramotor and good safety certified glider. Then you will absolutely love this sport and have the ability to do absolutely incredible things.

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