I've ORDERED a Mercedes-AMG G63!

11 Feb 2019 14:20 1,286
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I've ordered an AMG G63 to join the garage! It has finally happened after being fascinated by the new model Mercedes G Wagon last summer, I've gone ahead and decided to add the AMG off-roader to the garage. Let's have a run through of the spec and options it's going to have!

On a visit to Mercedes-Benz Brentford in my AMG GT R they kindly prepared their G63 demonstrator in the handover bay so that I can take you for a walkaround and run over all of the options and specifications that I am going for on the car. It will come from new in Obsidian Black with the Night Pack and upgraded interior; basically a very high spec but with the full intention to take it onwards to Topaz on arrival for a Topaz Skin to make it totally unique!

The G63 is immensely capable, has an interior that is more akin to an S-Class, with the ability to then pull my McLaren Senna or Ford GT in a trailer behind! I first drove the car in the South of France last May, then again in Germany in July before another outing over winter - each time experiencing what it can do and being fascinated by the car

Thanks for watching, Tim

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