08 Dec 2016 01:54 5
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Donny the con man was a nasty, hateful soul
Just an angry man with a spray-on tan,
Telling lies / about clean coal
Donny the con man did a job Election Day—
Telling old white men they’d be great again
If they’d let him have his way.

But soon they’ll see how tragically
He played them all for fools—
He worked with spies to feed them lies
And he won by Russian rules—!

Oh! Donny the con man says he wants to build a wall
And he’ll get the dough out of Mexico
And the racists love it all

Chumpity chump chump, Donny the Trump
…This ain’t a TV show!
Chumpity chump chump, Donny the Trump
Off… to hell we go!

Donny the con man says there is no climate change
It’s a Chinese plot—it’s not getting hot!
He is totally deranged.
Gay, black, or Muslim, say goodbye to civil rights!
With the KKK and the NRA
He has got us in his sights.

He’ll beat us down / to keep his crown
But we are fighting back!
It’s up to you, can we make it through
This deplorable attack?

Oh! Donny the con man, in the end you’ll have to pay:
We will wave goodbye, and we’ll say nice try,
And we’ll send…you…on…your…way!

Lyric by Mark Leydorf and GAG Nog

Filmed by Liza Béar at Union Square, New York City, December 4
For future caroling go to @gaysagainstgunsnyc

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