Alarms in Hospitals – Are We Really Addressing | Steven Lawless | TEDxWilmingtonSalon

24 Nov 2016 15:42 1
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Stephen Lawless addresses the problem of crying wolf alarms – patients are hooked up to so much technology that false alarms are sounding constantly, and doctors stop responding. This, while the patient may understand, nonetheless does not inspire utter confidence. Frustrated by the lack of innovation in health care literature, Dr. Lawless looks into other workplaces that likely face similar problems, like air traffic control, nuclear reactors, aircraft carriers, and other high technology workplaces where mistakes are not tolerated.What he finds there inspires him to design a similar system in their newly built hospital. And no one could argue with the results.

Stephen Lawless MD, MBA, is a Senior Vice President and Chief Clinical Officer at Nemours Children’s Health System, and is known as an international expert in the field of quality and safety. He is a Board-Certified Pediatric Physician and a professor of Pediatrics at Thomas Jefferson University. His scope of responsibility includes patient, environmental and associate infection control, clinical outcomes, risk management, Accreditation, research, academic affairs and the office of human subjects’ protection. Nemours operates two free-standing children’s hospitals in Orlando and Wilmington, Del., specializing in providing care for children with complex medical conditions and more than 50 specialty, primary and urgent care practice locations across six states. He is a corporate officer of Nemours with quality and safety responsibilities for more than 6,000 employees, including 600 physicians with more than 1.5 million patient encounters annually.

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