Mystery Candy Dispenser! Funny Cardboard Vending Machine Joke!

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The candy dispenser is made out of cardboard, and works great to dispense real candy like a real vending machine!

Kyle's brothers thought it would be really funny to play a little joke on him by changing the labels and the candy inside the dispenser, to play a trick on him. They exchange the candy labels with question marks! The bros also exchange the yummy candy with not so yummy candy, making it a complete mystery for Kyle! When Kyle tastes the candy he will be REALLY surprise to notice that the yummy candy has been replaced with sour candy, spicy candy, warhead candy, and other mystery candy. The cardboard vending machine is such a fun thing to have around, and has been super durable. This was such a fun kid friendly DIY candy dispenser to make with your whole family!!

DIY Cardboard Candy Dispenser Vending Machine! CANDY STORE Box Fort! SKITTLES & Candy

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