Wounded Love

27 Aug 2016 02:26:32 3
24 3

WOUNDED LOVE is a gripping emotional film about how a girl trapped in an abusive relationship is saved one dark night by a stranger. An artist who is lost himself. Their love gives her the strength and courage to face the darkness and save herself. But her past life isn't about to set her free. Quotes from Audience: "I adore the film,Wounded Love, so much. It is absolutely fantastic. The story is so moving. It really gets to the core, to the deepest part of your heart" "This movie was thought provoking, inspiring and educational! Wounded Love is about how one man (a stranger) made a difference in a woman's life. He not only saved her from being attacked, he helped her face her past as well." "Usually not a fan of independent films, because of the low budgets and lack of content. But this was a powerfully moving film. I went through many emotions, from sadness, anger, even joy. As you would guess in a very strong dramatic theme, there was little to no humor. The characters really pulled you into their world." "I give this movie 10 stars for both content, directing and acting! It's a MUST SEE!!!"

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