Cheap 3D Printers THAT DON'T SUCK $350 and under

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Want to get into 3D Printing but don't have much money to spend? There are a lot of low cost 3D Printers now available but not many are very good!

In this video I share with you my choices for 3D Printers $350 USD or under that actually work pretty good, and would be a great start into 3D Printing.

These machines are either those that have been tested here on Maker's Muse - or come highly recommended by others in the 3D Printing community.

IMPORTANT! This video is purely my opinion based on my experience - you are responsible for your own decisions!

This video has not been sponsored or affected in any way by any suppliers or manufacturers. The decision to include or exclude any machines from this video is my own. Links to the machines are listed below as well as the communities and reviews mentioned in the video - none have tracking or affiliates attached. Happy printing!

Cetus -

Maker's Muse pre-production review -

That 3D Print Guy's production review -

Trinus -

Trinus pre-production review -

MP Select Mini (V1) -

Chuck Helleybuck's MP Select Mini V1 Review -

Tronxy X1 -

Press Reset's Tronxy X1 review -

Balco (for Australians) -

Monoprice Maker Select V2 -

Hobbyking Fabrikator Mini 2 - Not available yet


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