These 6 Rich People Habits Changed My Life (so simple you can do them, too)

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Today I am going to share 6 ‘rich people’ habits that I’ve adopted in my life and how my life has changed. I have seen exponential growth in my life and my business by changing a few small but impactful habits.

Before I share these 6 habits I want to give you a little context as to where I was in my life and career. To give you an idea of why I needed to make some changes.

So, I have been a financial planner for over 16 years. When I hit 5-6 years in my career and had reached a 6 figure income things were good. But, I felt like something was missing. 🤔

I began a journey of researching and looking at highly successful entrepreneurs. 💰 In my research I noticed that these people had some common habits. Some habits that I was not following. I was a bit skeptical but I thought I would try some of these changes and see if they had an impact on my life and career.

Over time I did see an impact. My business and career saw an impact. That is where I was. Now let’s see what these six changes were that made such an impact.

➡️ 1. Go to bed early [3:11] - I changed my habit from going to bed at 12 or 1:00 am and started getting to bed earlier so that I could get up earlier. Then I started each day with intent and focus.

➡️ 2. Exercise 4-5 days per week [6:02] - Being consistent with my workouts gives me so much more focus and energy. My productivity is through the roof.

➡️ 3. Meditation and Prayer [8:33] - Spending dedicated time each day for meditation or prayer can help to reduce stress, anxiety, and has so many other health benefits.

➡️ 4. Review goals on a consistent basis [10:38] - I used to review my goals on an annual basis, and would lose focus by the first quarter. I now review my goals quarterly.

➡️ 5. Read more books [12:38] - 88% of all rich people read self-development books. I used to be ok at reading books regularly. Now I read 1-2 books every week. I also listen to books on audio when I am driving or working out.

➡️ 6. Valuing relationships [14:14] - I used to just network with business colleagues, now I participate in mastermind groups, coaching groups, and other small support groups. This gives you an outlet to share things that are going on in your life and your career.

Those are the 6 rich people habits that I have adopted into my life. I can’t even emphasize enough what an impact they have had on my life. 😀

I wanted to share some of the results and not just the habits themselves. I not only saw growth and development in my personal life, I have seen tremendous financial growth in my business.

Are you implementing any of these rich people habits? 🤔

I want to know which ones you do. If you haven’t, I want to know why. What is your excuse? 😀

Let us know in the comments below!

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