9 SHOCKING Cryptids of the United States

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From Native American Monster legends, to the UNDENIABLE SASQUATCH, these are 9 STRANGE Cryptids of the United States !

Batsquatch -- This flying cryptid derives its name from “bat” and “Sasquatch” … indicating it could be some sort of a flying Bigfoot. It was allegedly sighted in the 1980s near Mount St. Helens in Washington State. Batsquatch is said to be 9 feet tall, has yellow eyes, blue tinted fur, a wolf-like muzzle, and bat-like wings said to span up to 50 feet. Sightings of a creature matching that description also occurred in Washington State in 1994 and 2011. In 2009, hikers claimed to see a huge creature with leathery wings spanning around 50 feet … but this one flew out of a mountain crevice at Mt Shasta in California. In 2014, a sighting of the creature was reported in Akron, Ohio when high school students claimed to see a huge black mass flash by their classroom window at high velocity. The creature was said to be around 9 feet long and had wings that spanned up to 30 feet! Some people have found this cryptid to be reminiscent of the Mothman ...

And speaking of the Mothman … The first sighting of this strange cryptid was in 1966, in West Virginia … with the largest number of sightings occurring near an abandoned munitions area, north of the town of Point Pleasant. Two young couples were out driving one night. They claimed to encounter a bizarre humanoid creature with large, glowing red eyes centered in its chest … and stood around 7 feet tall with wings folded against its back. When they raced away, the creature spread its wings and flew after them down the highway … at speeds over 100 mph! The creature eventually flew away and disappeared. Over the next 13 months there were more than 100 sightings. Most accounts describe the creature as dark colored, with a wingspan exceeding 15 feet. After the Silver Bridge collapsed in December of 1967, sightings of the Mothman stopped … giving rise to theories that the creature was somehow involved with the disaster. What do you think the Mothman may have been

Iliamna (ill-ee-am-na) Lake Monster -- You have to head north to Alaska to search for this one. Stories about this creature have been floating about since the indigenous Aleut (al-ee-oot) people settled on the shores of Iliamna (ill-ee-am-na) Lake. Referring to the creature as Gonakadet (gone-ah-ka-det) -- don’t know if I got that name right -- it was depicted as a fish god. The monster is said to be up to 30 feet long and has a square head it uses to ram into things like small boats. Earliest accounts of the creature described it as having the body of an Orca … and a wolf-like head and tail.

Myakka (my-yah-kah) Skunk Ape -- Florida police received reports of the creature in the 1970s … witnesses described it as apelike, covered in light brown hair and standing around 7 feet tall. That sounds like a description of Bigfoot … but this creature was said to emit a foul odor, not unlike a mix of rotten eggs and manure. That stench earned the animal its name, “Skunk Ape”. But after the initial flurry of sightings, the skunk ape seemed to disappear. Some urban legends claim it was captured by the US Army … or it relocated to Big Cypress National Reserve in Florida. In the year 2000, two photos were said to have been sent anonymously to the Sheriff’s Department in Sarasota County, Florida.

Sasquatch -- The word ‘Sasquatch’ actually comes from a word in the language of the Native British Columbia coastal Salish (sal-ish) peoples meaning ‘wild man’. Stories of ape-like creatures roaming the forests of North America have long been told by indigenous tribes, who referred to a race of hairy giants that would steal salmon and people during the night. The pictograph of a Sasquatch dating up to 1,000 years old is thought to be shown at the Painted Rock shelter near Taft California. You can see it in this photo by Kathy Moskowitz Strain … Looking closely at the rock, you can make out the image of a creature standing up, with its arms extended. The arm on the right has white outlines … the arm on the left is a rusty red color. Next to the creature, you can make out two similar forms, thought to represent a mother and child. Local Native American tribes referred to the creature as “Hairy Man”, and the painting stands around 8.5 feet tall. Did you know about a third of all Bigfoot sightings take place in the Pacific Northwest? Most turn out to be hoaxes or misidentified animals … but are there any that you believe?

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