Parables Remix Session 14 - The Parable of the Shrewd Manager

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In Session 14, "The Parable of the Shrewd Manager," you will think about how you can use your resources, influence, and intellect to creatively advance God's cause in the world.

Parables Remix Video Bible Study by Stew Redwine:

Churchgoers today are looking to connect with the teachings of Jesus, but often the stories they hear sound like just that—stories. Using thought-provoking short films, Parables Remix, an 18-session, video-based study, brings the parables of Jesus to life in a way that will help you to truly experience them. This study offers eighteen compelling videos that put Jesus' parables into a modern-day scenario, bringing them to a new audience, and making them applicable to your life today.

Use these thought-provoking videos as introductions or illustrations for messages, or as discussion starters for small groups and Bible studies to look at and think about God's Word in a whole new way. These videos were designed for use with the Parables Remix Participant Guide (sold separately).

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