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Fans are like stars in the sky, they light up the entire night sky sparkling on similarly for an artist, the fans are a pillar and to receive birthday surprises, all because of love for music which binds us as 1. One such amazing fan is from Korea, James who is always sending me his well wishes and gifts on my birthday since 2018. James is a lovely fan from Korea who has been following me since my invitational performance in Philippines and he has also come all the way to Thailand to support me in one of my races.

And of course, he is now in Singapore to set up Infinity IRS V Speakers, one of the most expensive luxury speakers for me as this year’s birthday present and teach me some music, he has told me about how the audio industry has been prevalent since 1910 and the golden age of music was during 1950s-1960s. And he also spoke about how we can’t use normal speaker cable for my new Infinity IRS V Speakers and how we need to use Adelphi siltech cable which is specifically made in the Netherlands and how old speaker cable specifically those made in 1940s-1950s in Germany. he also told me how music is like a plant, and how we should water and nurture it every day feed it with electricity. Audio has to be taken care of, maintained well. He wants me to continue growing with music and someday compose my own music. And how it’s an owner’s humanity and responsibility to make good sound through the use of such speakers and how these speakers will go a long way and even after 20 years I can continue making great music through this speaker. It’s so heart-warming to speak to James about music as he’s an avid music lover himself.
He is equally passionate about music as I am. Over the years, he has presented me with multiple birthday presents from his heart, he has given me a customised microphone in 2018 for my birthday that is suited for my pitching and voice! It took 2 months to make it it suitable for my voice just so I can use it for my overseas performances and this mic has an engraving of my name. He has also gifted me luxury skin care & plans to start a skincare line under my name. Hes such a dear fan of mine.
True supportive fans are hard and precious, just like how dreams come true when you see your fans sending you birthday wishes and it’s even more unforgettable when you realise your fans are from worldwide, despite different languages they still send me birthday wishes which touched me a lot. This shows how music really bridges the gap of love & appreciation thousands of miles apart. ⁣
Music speaks the unspoken at places where words are unable to explain. It’s a form of expression.
Thank you to all my fans from different countries, different ages, but yet we share the same love for music. I can’t thank all of you for your love and continued support throughout these years and I look forward to making more great music for all of you! Thank you for spurring me to be a better artist to produce more awesome tracks. ⁣

A tribute compilation for all my fans to thank them for always sending me their well wishes, including Tommy Remengesau JR the President of The Republic of Palau, Former PM of Thailand, Mr. H.E. Somchai Wongsawat, Apple Tribe Philippines, Apple Tribe Africa, Nanchang Music Festival Fans & not forgetting my Singapore Fans (GT Group Staff Fans, Forbidden City Fans, ChildAid Fans, Wonderful Appreciation Dinner Fans, Qipao Beauty Pageant Fans)
I love all of you and thank you for always standing by me! I got your back as much as you got mine & cheers to music being the dots that connect.

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