Jim James - Over And Over [art track video]

12 Sep 2018 03:03 16
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Jim James new solo album "Uniform Clarity" is available everywhere now.
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“we have a chance- right now- to get involved and change history. to put an end to the seemingly endless cycles of war and racism that continue to divide and conquer us as a people. we have a chance to heal the wounds of slavery and injustice to the native peoples created when america was born by opening our arms and our hearts and using the power of our voice and our vote to say we are tired of this cycle happening OVER and OVER again...we want a new cycle. a life cycle more in tune with nature than constantly against it. one of peace. we want freedom. we want equality. we want love. and we want it NOW.”

Duane Michals, The Illuminated Man, 1968 Courtesy of the artist and DC Moore Gallery, New York


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