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Serving as a more sensible sibling to the Swift, the Suzuki Baleno aims to appeal to those who want a compact, practical car that’s not entirely lacking in zest.

With the Baleno, Suzuki takes something of a Goldilocks approach. It’s not the biggest car of its type, nor is it the smallest but it still packs plenty of space and equipment.
Likewise, while some people buy cars based on emotional appeal alone and others choose them for more rational reasons, the Baleno aims to bridge the gap. In short, it’s a car that you’ll buy for practical reasons, but that you’ll enjoy driving too.

In this review, we take an in-depth look at the interior of the Suzuki Baleno including its boot size, dashboard and back seats. We then run through performance, price and finish up with the all-important verdict - is the Suzuki Baleno a good car?

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