My knees are finished...

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Just checking the archives and I came across this old video...

The Cymbal Project™ by Lance Campeau is a video series dedicated to the topic of reparing, modifiing and creating cymbals.

The series covers topics such as…

• Cymbal repair & refurbishment (cutting & resizing)
​• Cymbal cleaning (chemical polishing, abrasive polishing)
• Cymbal modification (re-hammering, lathing, patina treatment)
• Cymbal-smithing techniques (hammering & shaping)
• How to source inexpensive cymbals for experimentation
• How to make cymbalsmith tools (hammers, anvils, lathe)
• Making custom cymbals from sheet metals (steel, brass, etc...)
​• Experiments in forging & casting custom cymbal alloys

WARNING Legal Disclaimer: Lance Campeau and Lance Campeau Media assumes no liability for any personal and or property damage or loss incurred by anyone attempting to use information displayed in the following presentation. Anyone choosing to engage in cymbal making activity does so at his/her own risk. #cymbals #thecymbalproject #lancecampeau

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