What can G-class - Mercedes Driving Events and Iron Schöckl

21 Apr 2017 10:06 13
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The Iron Schöckl uses the Mercedes G-class to demonstrate a 100% climb, a 45 degree incline.

Everyone knows the G-Class is without question the most rugged model in the Mercedes lineup, but in reality, few customers get the chance to push the G-Class to its limits. For Mercedes engineers, however, its their job to ensure the G-Class continues its legacy of being able to conquer any terrain, so it would only make sense they’d come up with as many ways as possible to challenge the off-roader.

Enter “The Iron Schöckl”. Named after the Schöckl, a mountain near the Graz plant in Austria where the Mercedes G-Class is tested year round, the man-made Iron Schöckl challenges the Mercedes G-Class by forcing it to undertake a 100% climb (i.e., a 45 degree incline). Then, at the top, the G-Class enters a movable platform, teeters to point downward, and undertakes a 45 degree descent.

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