Shark Bites Fiber Optic Cables Undersea 15.8.2014

16 Aug 2014 01:22 329
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Google is reinforcing its underwater fibre-optic cables to protect against future shark attacks

Google is reinforcing its private underwater fibre-optic cables with an extra layer of protective material in order to protect its 100,000 miles of cables from sharks.

Sharks and other fish are attracted to the cables, thought by some to be due to the electromagnetic signals emitted by the lines, but they are easily damaged. The cables already have existing protective materials designed to shelter them from the various dangers of the environment, but will now be coated with a 'Kevlar-like' material to provide even more protection.

Fibre-optic cables are made of strands of glass, and are thus much less durable than copper cables. Google wants to prevent its own cables from sustaining further damage after seeing underwater surveillance footage of sharks biting the cables.

IT Pro has contacted Google for more information on the plans and will update the story as soon as we know more.

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