"Facts & Doubts" - GM Chevrolet To Stop Selling Cars in India | Chevrolet Cars

20 May 2017 02:28 5
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In a shocking surprise, American Auto giant General motors has announced that it will stop its Indian operations by the end of 2017. GM which operates through its Chevrolet brand in India across 150 dealerships, will discontinue its domestic sales operations by the end of 2017, but will continue its exports operations. General motors with its chevrolet brand began its India journey in 1996 indian market which is much before the likes of Renault and Nissan. It came around the same time as Hyundai, but couldn't get the step hold right in the business. With this sudden surprise, you must be having lot of questions in mind, hence we have decided to give some important answers to your questions.

01. Will GM chevrolet stops sales immediately?
02. Is GM Chevrolet says Good bye completely?
03. Will GM chevrolet come back to india again?
04. What about upcoming launches?
05. Should I buy a Chevrolet, whether new or used?
06. Where can I get my car serviced?
07. Will my resale value be affected?

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