Green Economy in the Bia Biosphere Reserve, Ghana

22 Nov 2017 25:43 1
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Biosphere reserves can be model regions for a green economy as they are ‘open-air labs’ for innovative approaches to sustainable development. The sustainable use of natural resources, by and for the benefit of humankind, is integral to this concept. The project “Green Economy in Biosphere Reserves: A means to poverty reduction, biodiversity conservation and sustainable development in sub- Saharan Africa” strives to ensure long-term conservation of biodiversity in three biosphere reserves in Ghana, Nigeria and Tanzania, all internationally recognized for their values in genetic resources and representative ecosystems.
In Ghana, it was implemented in the Bia Biosphere Reserve, with the aim to diversify the economy of communities living in and around the biosphere reserve in order to reduce their overreliance on forest resources such as non-timber forest products. The ultimate goal is to improve local communities’ socio-economic status while conserving biodiversity. Four specific alternative livelihood activities towards a green economy were supported: palm oil production, snail gathering, apiculture (bee keeping) and mushroom farming.
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