Raising a child with autism: The life of Bob Lee (2014)

08 Aug 2014 20:51 45
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As an award winning photo journalist Bob Lee has an eye for subtlety, emotion and beauty, but the real source of Bob’s genius is his big heart.

Four years ago Bob left his prestigious job to look after his son who suffers from autism. Through tantrums and demands, Bob’s love and dedication for his son shows in all his does – in many ways his struggle is also his inspiration.

Realising photography can be used as a form of expression for all people, Bob began to use his skill to teach photography to autistic children and to the blind.

Bob also documents the last moments of hospice patients with only a few days to live, giving photos and memories to their remaining family members.

Bob’s story shows us how far we can go for love and how our talents can be used to give light to others.


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