The Love Commandos

29 Aug 2016 51:01 0
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Every day in India, young sons and daughters are beaten or killed for rejecting the caste system and falling in love across these strict boundaries. These acts dishonour not only the family but the whole village, and can result in brutal punishments, even death. But in Delhi a remarkable group of men calling themselves 'The Love Commandos' are working day and night to prevent non-consensual arranged marriages and vicious honour killings. The men have a bold dream, and have faith that “love sees no caste, no religion, no colour. It is love that will create a casteless society in our great country”. But their job is getting harder as Hindu fundamentalism and heavy moral policing are on the rise in India, under the hard line Prime Minister Narendra Modi. There is a long way to go before couples can even get away with a kiss in public.

A stirring film about love and family, and a powerful insight into the social and political turmoil in contemporary India.

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