EXTINCT Animals You'll Be GLAD Aren't Around!!

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Check out these EXTINCT Animals You'll Be GLAD Aren't Around!! This top 10 list of biggest prehistoric animals has some of the largest extinct creatures you'll be super relieved are extinct today! We would be in a ton of trouble if not!

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8. Titanoboa
You may not have heard of Cerrejon, Colombia but if you are interested in fossils, this is the place to be!! It has some of the world’s richest, most important fossil deposits. It might just be the only window into an ancient tropical ecosystem.

7. Pterodactyls
One of the most famous flying creatures of the ancient world were the Pterodactyls but they often get confused with pterosaurs. Yet ironically, despite popular belief, they weren't actually dinosaurs, they just happened to live in similar time periods. So of course, they had to be included in Jurassic Park films! Granted, they weren't as big as in those films, they were actually the size of big birds like eagles, but they were still a threat no doubt.

6. Megalania
In the Australia during the Ice Age, there was an Apex Predator so feared that it became a part of the legends of the land.
The Megalania was a monitor lizard, estimated to be about 23 feet long, even bigger than a crocodile!

5. Utahraptor
The name Velociraptor is synonymous with the Jurassic Park films, as they were one of the main "villains" in virtually every movie. But the fact of the matter is...they were about the size of chickens, and might have even had feathers in real life. However, there WERE raptors that were big and dangerous, and could easily raise havoc in the world if they were still alive today, for example the Utahraptor.

4. Short-Faced Bear
This bear was one of the fiercest predators to inhabit North America. It lived about 1-2 million years ago and is estimated to have gone extinct about 11,000 years ago. This wasn't just a bear, it was a gigantic bear. When standing on all 4 feet it was about as tall as as a human, about 6 feet tall.

3. Tyrannosaurus Rex
The Tyrannosaurus Rex is no doubt one of the most popular and legendary dinosaurs ever discovered. And while the T-Rex may not have been the largest dinosaur around, it was still a terror, and there's a reason many movies and TV shows have made sure to include the T-Rex when they go back to that time period.

2. Saber-Tooth Cats
In our world today, we have cheetahs, lions, tigers, panthers, and other "big cats", but not a single one of them compare to the Ice Age wonder that was the Saber-Tooth Tiger.

1. Megalodon
Of course I have to include The Megalodon! I know it’s been on all of our minds lately since Discovery’s Shark Week and the new movie The Meg!!
If the Megalodon were still alive today, the world would be in trouble. This massive shark was one of the biggest terrors the oceans of the world have ever known. It was THE Apex Predator of the ancient waters, and for good reason.

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