How Americans Are Losers In The US-China Trade War

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Understand The US China Trade War

How China Is A Loser In The US-China Trade War

Why Fears Over Huawei & ZTE Are An 'Overreaction'

China and the United States are engaged in a trade war. In 2018, US President Donald Trump imposed a global tariff of 25 per cent on steel – a move that has hurt the American auto industry, including giants like Ford and Generals, as well as SMEs like Action Craft Boats. It is also estimated that 400,000 American jobs could be lost. "The damage which has been done is irreversible," said William Hutton, president of Titan Steel Corporation.

President Trump has also, on Twitter, called on Apple to manufacture iPhones in America at “zero tax”. But Yukon Huang, former World Bank Director for China, and Lawrence Lau of the
Chinese University of Hong Kong, explain why the US would not gain much; and how Samsung could end up being the true winner, not US consumers, if a tariff on imported iPhones is imposed.

US China Trade War: Like American vs English Football

Trump is Being A Bully on China, Says Indonesia’s Former Trade Minister Mari Pangestu


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