Thesis - Settle Down [HL Films]

14 Apr 2011 03:28 9
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My first official music video and a tribute to one of my favorite hip hop groups, A Tribe Called Quest.

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Honey, check it out you got me mesmerized,
When you're tellin me the truth I think you're tellin me lies,
Then I look into your eyes, you see no other guys,
And that's when I recognize, that you got me hypnotized,
And it's hard to criticize, yet you seem to find it easy,
But it evens out from the way you try to please me,
You know I hate em sleazy, so you keep it classy,
A diamond in the rough, you could find him in the trash heap,
I don't know what she sees, don't believe, you can ask me,
Could drive a different guy every week like a taxi,
So I accept gladly, I don't know why she chose me,
I guess she's just madly in love with the old me,
She knows me, better than I know myself,
Not a money hungry honey with the gold and wealth,
She could hold her own, she don't even really need me,
But she says she loves me and that she'd never leave me,
Maybe she completes me, maybe I'm not ready,
We need to slow down though, I wanna keep it steady so...


Relax yourself girl, please set-tle down,
I can be your Hansel if you'll be Gret-el now,
When I look around, it's like living in a circus,
If this doesn't work then I guess I'm out of service,
I know it isn't worthless, I know it's something special,
I know were not perfect, we knew it from the threshold,
Let's go, we can work on it together,
Wash away the rainy days and focus on the sunny weather,
And throughout every endeavor we grow more mature,
And if we got a problem then I got the cure,
You just need to relax and ease off the stress,
You're not an oracle so you don't know what happens next,
You're a little impatient, but hey, we all are,
If you're the apple of my eye, then you wouldn't fall far,
From the tree, and not because you mean a lot to me,
But because we're all trapped in this land of hypocrisy,
It ain't it the way oughta be, but I have no control,
And you can take a part of me, but not my soul,
The point is, you just need to calm down,
It could be a lot worse than it is right now,
And we might have troubles like every other couple,
But if we're truly in love then well overcome the struggle,
And on the double, cause I ain't willin to wait,
And I don't wanna base it on how you're feelin today,
You gotta have love and you gotta have faith,
And you gotta be sure if you wanna consummate,
But love can be divided in more than one way,
So we better slow down or there's a price to pay,
I'm really just tryna say that we don't need to rush,
And it's not because I don't care, I just care too much,
I just care too much...

Instrumental: A Tribe Called Quest - Electric Relaxation

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