Bangkok After Midnight - Raw and Unfiltered

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Bangkok After Midnight - Raw and Unfiltered - Vlog 292

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A video very late at lower Sukhumvit in Bangkok, Thailand. I first went to Soi 4 Nana and Big Dogs beer bar, then Hooters, after I went for a walk around and had a look down Soi 11 just after the clubs had closed...

Parts of this video include:
0:04 Arriving at Soi 4 Nana
0:29 Views from the Big Dogs bar, beers from 140 baht (not cheap)
1:53 Tuk tuks, around this area you can get short journeys for around 100-200 baht. If there is 2 of you then it's not a bad deal at all...
5:05 Nana burger van looking busy
7:04 After 2am, many bars close at this time and the people start to filter out of Nana Plaza
7:37 Late night views from the Hooters bar
11:36 A stroll up Soi 4 Nana, Hillary 2 closed early on this night
13:14 Listening to a guy at a street bar arguing over 100 baht. My advice in this situation is always to 'pay and walk,' even if you are getting your pants pulled down as it could escalate and you could end up in a hospital...
14:38 Late night McDonald's visit
15:53 Soi 3 to Soi 11 walk with some 'interesting' sights
16:48 Will he/won't he?
17:56 2 sweaty ladies
19:14 Guy living on the streets of Bangkok
20:02 Soi 11, the street with 3 popular nightclubs and many trendy bars and restaurants
21:40 Mullis Irish bar
23:07 Insanity nightclub, the biggest in the area
25:16 Outro

Additional Comments:

The Soi 4 beer bars are a great place to have a few drinks. It's always a hive of activity and a people watching paradise even if you are not participating. Get yourself a seat at the front of any bar (if one is free), order a cold one and enjoy the parade...

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Bet on It - Youtube audio library

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Termite Infested White Picket Fence - Tomove

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