3 days in North Korea (myths and legends, DPRK vlog, mass games, pyongyang)

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BEFORE leaving aggressive comments, please WATCH the DISCLAIMER: https://youtu.be/vDJU8PG_3oc

This video is NOT meant to be a propaganda for the actual regime of the DPRK.
We are NOT communists, nor journalists, we don't make politics and we just show what a normal tourist can see there!!
Due to the contracts we had to sign we could NOT tell anything about the bad things anyone of you might think happen in this country. Which, even if it might be true, we obviously could not see and therefore confirm.

PLEASE RESTRAIN YOURSELF FROM leaving incriminating comments or accusing us of anything!! DPRK is a heavily controlled country and one can not film or go anywhere he wants. This is all what we could and were allowed to film.

Thank you for watching and respecting our work!

ROMANIAN version here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i6oADzm8RxU

3 days in North Korea (myths and legends, DPRK vlog, mass games, pyongyang)

Our vlog is not sponored by any government or company.

This movie is just our trip in the DPRK in october 2018, without any intention of supporting or fighting against any regime.

Unfortunately, due to some technical problems, we lost aprox 65% of everything we filmed in the DPRK. From what we could save, from what we had additionally filmed with our phones and from what the other members of the group send us (a big thank to Gwen, Enrique, Chris...) we managed to make this movie.

This is the reason for the low video quality in some parts of the vlog. The other reason is because in North Korea you are not allowed to bring professional video gear like big cameras, stabilisers or drones.

The company we have been with (and can highly recommend): Young Pioneer Tours YPT

Filmed with:

Sony A6500 + OSS 10-15 si OSS 18-105
Iphone XS max
Samsung Galaxy S9+
GoPro Hero6

maps: (c) Google Earth
music: Epidemic Sound


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