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An introduction to the elDRAW Creative Media team, and how we create our clients successful business / corporate videos every time!

This video is designed as part of our website explaining in short the process you should expect as a client, and an insight into the production process here at elDRAW.

So who are elDRAW?

"We are a specialist creative team producing professional and engaging video for business. When first class media qualifications met a truly business minded professional, ideas for a fresh and forward-thinking service were developed. We deliver stunning results combining media expertise with common sense and business acumen. elDRAW will deliver successful video content, every time. Let us help you use video to improve your business!"

The process of making a successful corporate video:

When we are approached by businesses, be it a small team or a large corporate firm, the first thing we stress is the importance of planning. We generally meet face to face with clients to discuss their requirements, offering guidance and constructive input. We help them understand the power of video and gauge their needs before going into the next stages. We are not just about selling clients a quick video to post on to their website, we like to educate and make sure they fully understand the full possibilities of their investment. Thinking ahead really helps, with many clients realising that producing regular or multiple content has great online advantages.

When it comes to filming elDRAW put a big emphasis on quality. A professional video is a reflection of you (the client & their business).
Our attention to detail, and production values are what makes us stand out from other firms, we believe we offer London agency quality, without the price premiums. See our 2014 showreel for an overview of our recent work:

The editing stages are just as important as the filming itself, and we have spent a lot of time developing a workflow that is not only efficient ,(keeping costs affordable) but also produces a short, accurate and concise video at the end of it.

Where are we based?

Location is everything and our East Northants postcode positions us no more than 2.5 hours away from many major parts of the UK. For us,'on location' can be almost any location. We also boast a purpose-built studio including a green/white screen set-up. Creating the ideal environment for in-house productions such as product demos or pieces-to-camera couldn't be easier.

Our studio is located on the Northamptonshire Cambridgeshire boarder, with easy reach from London, and nearby towns Kettering, Peterborough, Cambridge and Wellingborough.

Contact us for a complementary discussion on how video will help your business.

T: 01832 730 606

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