fr-08: .the .product by farbrausch | 64k intro (2000) (720p HQ demoscene demo)

26 Jun 2011 11:02 88
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1st place in pc 64k compo at The Party 2000

When this demo came out I was so impressed by what Farbrausch was able to produce within 64kbyte of filesize, that from that point on my interest grew by alot for the whole demoscene. Before this I only watched demos unregularly.

fr-08: .the .product by farbrausch
From Readme:
main demo and tool code, making it all possible: Chaos
Concept, graphics, 3D, design, content and choreography: Fiver2
Audio programming, music, additional demo code: KB [th]
Additional tool code, quality assurance: Doj
Additional demo code: Yoda [fb]
compression technology supervisor: Ryg [fg]


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