Istanbul Guide - Istanbul in 2 Days

02 Jul 2016 15:52 1,734
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A video guide for Istanbul, about how to get where, costs, and how to spend your precious time in this beautiful city.
Please note that prices are subject to change, we will try to update as much as possible here in the description, but you can also check the websites underneath.
At the time of filming the exchange rates were:
1 US$ : 2.86 TL
1 Euro :3.26 TL

As of January 2017, the exchange rates are
1 US$ : 3.62 TL
1 Euro :3.84 TL

As of November 2018, the exchange rates are
1 US$ : 5.50 TL
1 Euro :6.25 TL
This is god news for visitors, as Turkish Lira prices are mostly unchanged, or changed very little.

You can check the following links for additional information on the subjects covered in this video:

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Timetables, maps and everything for public transport :
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Places appearing in the video:
Istanbul Bookstore:
Barba Vasilis Rum Meyhanesi :
Sultanahmet Köftecisi :
Hotel Troya Balat :
Karadeniz Pidecisi :
Kurukahveci Mehmet Efendi :

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