Macron and ministers get a first look at Notre Dame damage

16 Apr 2019 01:00 1
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Notre Dame is an enduring gothic masterpiece, a place of pilgrimage for Roman Catholics from all over the world and symbol of French nationhood. Its two huge Gothic towers, unique rose windows, rich sculptural adornments and menacing gargoyles are at the centre of one of the most recognisable urban vistas on the planet. The ribbed vault (bottom centre) was built with groundbreaking techniques and the rose windows (bottom right) are among the largest in the world. The 13th century spire was replaced in the 1850s (pictured main under construction) after interest in the building was reignited by Victor Hugo's The Hunchback of Notre Dame (played in 1939 by Charles Laughton, pictured inset). Sixteen huge copper statues which stood on its walls were removed days ago (pictured bottom left) as part of a renovation project.

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