Ronbo Sports In Yo Face At Yo Place Watching 49ers VS Vikings NFL 2018 Week 1

10 Sep 2018 03:22:31 32
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This is a reaction video of a #49ersfan and his online following watching in horror the #49ers vs #Vikings game to open the 2018 NFL season.
Every oddsmaker, analyst, sports network, and football expert agreed the Vikings vs 49ers season opening game at US Bank Stadium would result in the Niners being destroyed by the Vikings juggernaut defense.
The newly acquired Minnesota quarterback Kirk Cousins would leave the #Niners defense in a smoldering heap
The largest percentage of the 49ers fanbase which includes myself was not amused, or accepting of that prediction of absolute doom.
The 49ers were not beaten by definition of the term in this game which is what made it so tough to watch! We watched 3 catches, that were easily 21 points. One pass to a flying down the field all alone George Kittle who missed the perfect pass. All he had to do was hall it in. Donte Pettis who had a great game, atoned for his earlier TD pass in the end zone by making sure he didn’t miss a second opportunity in the end zone and made the grab. Pierre Garcon also made a drop in the end zone. Jimmy Garoppolo was also responsible for overthrowing George Kittle again in the end zone by throwing it over his head. It was mind boggling stuff.
The defense on the day wasn’t as bad as it appeared at times. We enjoyed watching Deforest Buckner gain 2 1/2 sacks to start the season. Nobody deserves them more than he does.
It was the missed arm tackles that brought out the rage in every 49ers fan that witnessed this game.
It’s cool. The Vikings know they were donated game one. Hopefully the 49ers will see them in the post season for revenge!

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