Disney University

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In one world, Disney University is where all Disney employees/Cast members go to get trained on how to perform their jobs. In another world, its a college that every Disney character attends and is forced to interact with each other.

โ–ผWatch more:
Confessions of a Disney Employee: http://youtu.be/f_WaxuN4o78
Kung Fu Kids: http://youtu.be/55qC_wk_IXk

Fun Facts:
-There are 15 hidden Mickey's in this video. See if you can find them all
-The voice of Mulan in the video is voiced by a Disney Cast member
-This video upload is Jan 11th exactly 4 years to the day my very first Disney video went up on YouTube (Jan 11th 2011)

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Lea (Anna) // http://youtube.com/LeaCakesMUA
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