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Welcome to the Official Bananas in Pyjamas Channel.
On this channel you will find classic and animated full episodes.

Morgan's Cafe - When the ever-helpful Bananas accidentally ruin a cafe's grand opening, they must find a way to make amends.

The Birthdays - The Bananas decide that a birthday party should be held every day in Cuddlestown - whether it's anyone's real birthday or not!

Amy's Package - The Bananas have to deliver a package to Amy. But as they carefully carry it to her house, they trip over and the package flies into the air and hits the ground with a bang. Oh no! Have they broken what's inside the package? They give the package a shake and hear something rattle about inside. Oh yes, they have broken it! The Bananas don't want to tell Amy about this. They decide to quickly go home and repair whatever it is that's inside the package. But will the Bananas be able to do it before Amy finds out what's happened?

The Dragon - Everyone in Cuddlestown is getting ready to celebrate Chinese New Year. But when Amy goes down to the lake to hang up some lanterns for their parade, she is alarmed to see a dragon appear through the mist. She quickly runs back to town to warn everyone but is upset to find that no one believes her. The Bananas feel sorry for Amy. They don’t really believe in dragons either but they don't like to see their friend upset. They decide there’s only one thing to do. They'll try to find out just what sort of dragon Amy really saw.

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