Terminator Genisys - Trailer

15 Nov 2016 02:26 0
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NEW MISSION NEW THREAT NEW FATE. "Arnold is back and better than ever" (Shawn Edwards FOX-TV) in this explosive new chapter of the blockbuster Terminator franchise. In the war of man against machine Kyle Reese (Jai Courtney The Divergent Series) is sent back to 1984 by resistance leader John Connor (Jason Clarke Everest) to protect his young mother Sarah Connor (Emilia Clarke Game of Thrones). However this time unexpected events have altered the past and threaten the future for all mankind. Now Reese must join forces with Sarah and her "Guardian" (Arnold Schwarzenegger) to save the world and stop the next evolution of Terminators in "one of the best action movies of the year." (Rick Bentley The Fresno Bee)

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