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Like Skinwalkers, Wendigo are another creature from Native American Folklore that haunts this land in a savage bloody way. Wendigo are the transformations of starving men who partake in cannibalism to survive. As punishment, they become insidious, sinister beasts. The following 5 Real Wendigo or Real Skinwalker true scary stories describe 5 real encounters with these strange creatures. Would you survive these wild animal attacks? Or would become their next meal? Enjoy these 5 Real Wendigo Attacks!

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Top 5 Real Wendigo Encounters
- Wendigo into the Woods by Xyrillx
- Wendigo in New Mexico by Wafflex yup
- Boy Scout Wendigo in the forest by nevert013
- The Thing from Last Night in the Forest by IamProvidence176
- Real Monster in the Ghetto by Tycru

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5 REAL Wendigo Attacks - Darkness Prevails

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