Buchla 200e - "Eardrill Transmissions"

12 Feb 2012 06:07 45
djangosfire Download
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1st patch/improv using/featuring the Eardrill ModuleModule & 077 Pendulum Ratchet.

The MM is loaded with:

1x Slew - (w/ "peakalope" peak detector/pulse generator)

1x D.LFO - dual low frequency oscillators (w/individual external sync and freq control)

1x Source Selector (4x channel, dual ins/outs - both voltage and pulse - stage selectable and external reset)

I used these modules in this patch (along w/ a Buchla 255 Control Voltage Processor - for the "note pitches) as an incredibly powerful (and fun) way to program an analog sequencer - event generator. The main sequence tone comes from the 261e VCO. the background pulsating drone is from a Verbos 258v VCO.

I love the Buchla 200e - and along w/ modules like these from Eardrill and Verbos . . . it really allows for a great classic analog style interface.

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