CS GO: Can bullets be blocked with thrown items?

14 Feb 2016 03:29 2,348
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This video covers weapons and the bomb, since recently it happened in a professional competitive match between Astralis and Natus Vincere, causing a lot of controversy. A lot of this video is rather dry, skip to 2:49 for a conclusion. In summary, yes things do block bullets, but the amount by which they do so isn't consistent and there's something fishy going on. Or maybe I've overlooked something obvious. It's up to you to decide, I'll show my findings in this video to help you with your investigations!

0:00 - Seized VS Dupreeh
0:15 - Recreating the bomb-blocking shot
1:02 - How much damage is blocked by items?
1:36 - Two shots, two different results and the case of the blue cubes
1:56 - CONSPIRACY THEORY - Do bullets deliberately show up in places to hide differences between client and server-side reg?
2:49 - Conclusion

Also see this video for my analysis of grenades blocking bullets, though this was done before the hitbox update so MIGHT be different now:

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