CGI & VFX Short Films: "Ironman & Warmachine Are Late For School" - by Andrew Lavery & Mathew Rees

29 Nov 2016 01:12 120
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Check out this awesome short created by the talented Andrew Lavery and Mathew Rees! This short was made last year to turn Mathew's kids into superheroes. This project came about for several reasons. The main one being that Andrew Lavery and Mathew Rees mostly work in cartoony animation and wanted to try doing something different to what they were used to. They had limited experience of the VFX aspects of animation such as camera tracking and combining CG with live action etc so this seemed a good opportunity to improve their skills in this area. Plus, Mathew wanted to turn his kids into superheroes for no other reason than to make them look good to their friends!

The animation and rigging was done by Mathew and the modelling, texturing , camera tracking, lighting, rendering and compositing was done by Andrew. Software used Maya and Nuke.

Mathew Rees and Andrew Lavery both work at Aardman Animations

The music used in the clip is the "Iron Man" theme from Iron Man 2008 Original Motion Picture Soundtrack by Ramin Djawadi.



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