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Video 2 of my weekly YouTube video challenge, reflecting on something I was reminded of this week: the need to be a better active listener. If you're digging this, subscribe for more:

00:56: You have to be the change you want to see in the world
01:30: I wish we would listen to Mother Earth more
02:30: Listening involves putting others before yourself & realising you don't know everything
03:07: Clinton Pryor aka The Spirit Walker
04:08: Turnbull & Shorten: examples of being bad listeners when meeting Clinton
05:55: Applying listening to other aspects of life
06:39: What are we feeding our minds?

At a school workshop I did last week, one student asked me a great question: if there was one thing in the world that I could change, what would it be?

The question reminded me to focus on the skill of active listening and to be more conscious of it in my everyday. In this video, I start by talking about us needing to be better listeners of Mother Earth.
I used Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and Opposition Leader Bill Shorten as examples of bad listening skills, as they both came up short in that department when meeting Clinton Pryor aka The Spirit Walker earlier this month. Find out more about Clinton and follow him here:

I hope you find this video valuable. I've got a bunch of videos on the way, including my learnings from VidCon, which took place at the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre this past weekend.

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Much peace and love.

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